Jewelry care

As part of the Precious Metal Control, our jewelry is made of 925 Sterling silver. 925 is the professional stamp for Sterling silver and may be used if you are a member of the Danish Precious Metal Account, as A Lemon Story is. That's why our jewelery has stamped 925.

Despite being 100% Sterling silver, it is inevitable that jewelery will start to oxidize over time. This applies to both silver jewelry and gold jewelry. Oxidizing means that the surface of the jewelry begins to darken or get dark spots. Therefore, it is important that you maintain your jewelry when cleaning and storing it properly. Thereby you maintain the beautiful surface of the jewelry and fine details.

Our jewelery, which is made of Sterling silver and plated with white rhodium, lasts a nice surface for longer than jewelery without rhodium plating. This is because rhodium is a thick coating that both makes the jewelry more durable and prevents oxidation. However, we still recommend that you also follow our advice on storing and caring for your rhodium plated jewelry.

You can easily clean your jewelry with stone with soapy water. Be aware that you must not clean beads with soap. For pearl jewelry, simply use water.

For jewelery with stones
1) Make a bowl of water and add a little soap so that it becomes a mild soap mixture.
2) Put the jewelery in the soapy water and let it lie for a few minutes so that the soap can work with the surface.
3) Brush with a small brush so you can get into the various holes and hooks of the jewelry.
4) Rinse the jewelry so that all soap residue is gone and dry with a clean and soft cloth. We do not recommend using paper as it can scratch the jewelry.

If you find that this jewelry cleaning is not enough and the jewelry is still oxidized, you can use a silver cleaner. Dip a soft cloth into the cleanser and polish the jewelry where the oxidation is evident. Be careful not to sand too much and stop as soon as the oxidation is gone. If you sand too much, you risk affecting the coating. Therefore, we recommend that you only polish the jewelery when oxidation has occurred and not to make the jewelery more shiny. There you can use a soft cloth instead, but be aware that cleaning too often can affect the coating.

A few simple tips on how to best store your jewelry
1) We recommend that you store your jewelry in a dry place. Moisture will oxidize your jewelery faster, so you should not store it in the bathroom.
2) Store it as far as possible in our jewelery boxes that are included when you buy jewelery from us, or in a jewelery box. This will prevent your jewelry from getting dirty and worn.
3) Always take off your rings before washing your hands and take off all your jewelery before taking a shower or jumping into the sea.
4) Avoid getting perfume and creams on the jewelry as it can also wear the coating.

The jewelery will oxidize and wear faster when exposed to other things. Therefore, you will also often find that rings and necklaces wear faster than earrings, as rings and necklaces rub against your skin more than an earring will do. The durability and cleanliness of a piece of jewelery will always depend on how often you wear the jewelery and how good you are at taking care of it and caring for it.

If you experience that the coating on our plated jewelry goes off faster than expected, feel free to contact us.